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    ArcGIS is a suite consisting of a group of geographic information system (GIS) software products produced by ESRI. At the desktop GIS level, ArcGIS can include: ArcReader, which allows one to view and query maps created with the other Arc products; ArcView, which allows one to view spatial data, create layered maps, and perform basic spatial analysis; ArcEditor which, in addition to the functionality of ArcView, includes more advanced tools for manipulation of shapefiles and geodatabases; or ArcInfo which includes capabilities for data manipulation, editing, and analysis. There are also server-based ArcGIS products, as well as ArcGIS products for PDAs. Extensions can be purchased separately to increase the functionality of ArcGIS.(read more about ArcGIS on Wikipedia)

    Commandline ArcInfo, also called Workstation ArcInfo is nominally a part of ArcGIS but it hasn't really changed significantly since v7.x (don't be thinking that means it isn't used any more though!).

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