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    1. 1. Process:


     The federal government has plans for all surveyed parcels online as images, but they aren't georeferenced. Here is a short recipe and dataset for fixing that.


    1. Download plan as regular tiff from Canada Centre for Cadastral Management (CCM) - where RG=YT is Region = Yukon, and PLN=93521 is Plan# 93521. For bulk download see scripts:

      fetch-CLSplans 84574 85779 86458 etc...
    2. Load into ArcMap along with Surveyed_Parcels layer from Geomatics Yukon Corporate Spatial Warehouse (CSW), use Yukon Albers projection. Note: This same cadastre data also available from
    3. Use the Georeferencing toolbar, georeference the image (using Update Georeferencing rather than Rectify)
    4. Move result from noref to georef folder.
    5. Add to unmanaged raster catalog Survey_Plans in file geodatabase.

    Feel free to extend the set of georeferenced images and share the results.

    Temporary home for this project is

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