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    4 Oct 2011

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      How To/Attach python script to a button14:29mattcleaner solution; 44 words added #
    How To/Save all layers in map to layer files14:03matt2 words added, 1 words removed #

    5 Aug 2011

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    How To/BatchTransferAttributes14:35mattAdded tags: arcinfo-workstation.
    How To/Improve Adobe Reader map display10:19matt58 words added #

    7 Jun 2011

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      How To/InstallNTv208:18mattone or more formatting changes #

    6 Jun 2011

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      WebForum10:09mattupdate embedding code, old will soon be unsupported; one or more formatting changes #

    31 Jan 2011

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    Data/Yukon Place Names13:37matt128 words added, 128 words removed #

    18 Jan 2011

    12 Nov 2010

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    oldsite/GDAL moved to Tools/GDAL-OGR21:34matt 
    Tools/InfoLib21:22matt1 words removed #
      Tools21:21mattpage created, 6 words added

    18 Oct 2010

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    How To/QueryAvailableLicenses15:45mattAdded tags: arcgis, licenses.

    28 Sep 2010

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      oldsite/DataShiftOnEdit08:19mattfix formatting; 5 words removed #

    27 Sep 2010

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    About12:36mattno wording changes; page display name reset to default #
     oldsite/MattWilkie/Yukon Map moved to About/MattWilkie/Yukon Map12:35matt 
     oldsite/MattWilkie/Open Layers moved to About/MattWilkie/Open Layers12:35matt 
     oldsite/MattWilkie moved to About/MattWilkie12:35matt 
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