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    A library and command line utilities for accessing reading and writing INFO, dbf, and ascii text table, with and without ArcInfo Workstation present.

    These programs a very useful if you want to maniplulate field values using tools which aren't avaiable inside Arc. For example regular expression search and replaces with your favourite text editor or more complex maths with Excel.

    -=[ INFOLIB.BAT ]=-

            AVAILABLE INFOLIB COMMANDS (recall by typing "infolib")

            ascii2info   dbf2info     dbfitems     dbflist
            dbflook      info2ascii   info2dbf     infodel
            infodir      infoitems    infolist     infolook

    Credits for infolib proper goes to Todd Stellhorn of ESRI, with Randy Deardorff of the United States' EPA Region 10 being responsible for the tool collection.

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