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    29 Mar 2010

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    YukonGIS.ca22:27mattchange spinny globe for yukon sat map; no wording changes #

    28 Mar 2010

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    oldsite/VerticalToolbars moved to How To/VerticalToolbars01:24matt 
    YukonProjections moved to Reference Material/Yukon Projections00:56matt 
    Reference Material/PageSizes00:55mattno wording changes; page display name changed to 'Page Sizes' #
      Reference Material00:49mattpage created, 1 words added
    How To/SanitizeFilename00:36mattAdded tags: arcgis, python.
    How To/ReshapeLineUsingTrace00:28mattAdded tags: arcmap.
    oldsite/MultiuserMDB moved to How To/MultiuserMDB00:23matt 
     oldsite/CanVec moved to Data/CanVec00:12matt 

    16 Feb 2010

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      YukonGIS.ca14:49mattadd recent changes link; 2 words added #
    How To/Attach python script to a button14:48mattAdded tags: arcgis. Removed tags: arcmap.
    oldsite/GeoreferencedSurveyPlans moved to Data/GeoreferencedSurveyPlans14:46matt 
    How To/Change symbol properties en masse14:32mattAdded tags: arcmap, graphics.

    9 Feb 2010

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      YukonGIS.ca21:35mattno need for √≥ld site refs, that's apparent!; 43 words removed #
    oldsite/InstallNTv2 moved to How To/InstallNTv212:09matt 

    4 Feb 2010

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    Best anti-ArcGIS rant10:34matt19 words added, 7 words removed #

    2 Feb 2010

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      YukonGIS.ca11:07mattadd earthbrowser site tracker; no wording changes #

    9 Dec 2009

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    oldsite/DoItYourselfPostscriptPrinter09:41matt2 words added, 1 words removed #
      How To/BatchPrintMaps09:33matt34 words added, 1 words removed #

    8 Dec 2009

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    How To/BatchPrintMaps15:05mattprintto reportedly fixed in 9.4; 45 words added, 3 words removed #
      How To14:44mattpage created, 13 words added
      Data12:05matt4 words added #
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