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This website was put up to make it easier for the YukonAdvancedGisUsersGroup to share their technical tips and workarounds in a venue with more permanence than email. It is an editable collaboration environment, a wiki (mp3, 2.9mb). This means you can edit any page, create new pages, refactor discussions, and so on. It was created as a means for the YAUG to keep up to date on the latest technical tips, bugs, and work arounds. Some of this might be interesting to GIS users in general, so don't feel you have to be an ArcInfo user to benefit or participate.

If you are new to the Wiki concept and want to collaborate the essense is really quite simple:

  1. there is an edit link on every page,
  2. *strong* text is created with asterisks (*),
  3. _emphasized_ text with underscores (_),
  4. and CamelCaseWords link to other topics.

The rest is all window dressing, which you can read about in the WelcomeGuest introduction, followed by a short tutorial, and then play in the Sandbox to get the hang of Wiki editing in a safe test environment.

If you are already familiar with wiki technology, you might be interested to know that this site uses the WikiEngine variant known as twiki.

The site design and administration is done by MattWilkie, a GIS Technician for the Yukon Government Deparrtment of Environment.

SiteToDo: a list of things which need doing in order to make this place a nicer place to be


The interim logo for YAUG is a detail from the cover of Calvin & Hobbes' book "Yukon Ho!". It was chosen because a) it has a picture of a globe on it (and one that isn't used ad-nausem by other geographic related websites either), b) it's about the exploring the yukon (assuming you know where to find it!), c) Calvin's creative imagination and zest for exploration is worthy of emulating.

When I began researching how to contact the author Wikipedia:Bill_Watterson I found an article he wrote explaining in no uncertain terms "Why I Won't License Calvin & Hobbes". Since then Mr. Watterson has moved out of public life and is apparently not contactable. Images of Calvin & Hobbes abound on the internet as does illicit merchandise in many stores. It appears that for many intents and purposes C&H are very nearly public domain, and therefore we could adopt them as our mascots with impunity. However given the emphatic nature of Mr. Watterson's objections I don't know if this is a good idea on moral grounds. Or even if our intended use would be objectionable to him. I don't think it would, but I am biased. smile

If anybody wants to draw a better logo for us, feel free!

-- MattWilkie





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