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    Problem 1: Stacked annotation stored in a geodatabase feature class does not stack. The text appears on one line, and block characters appear where the next line should start.

    Cause You are displaying annotation in a data frame with a defined coordinate system, while the coordinate system of the annotation feature class is undefined.


    Solution or Workaround Define the coordinate system of the annotation feature class. Refer to the ArcGIS Desktop Help for information on defining the coordinate system of feature classes. Select the Index tab of the Arc GIS Desktop Help and type "Feature Class". Double-click on 'and spatial reference'.


    Problem 2: Text annotation in ArcMap is not rotating when the Rotate Data Frame Tool is used. This can happen with both Geodatabase annotation and with annotation stored in the map.

    Cause Some Arc GIS annotation will not rotate with the data frame. This includes some annotation created in earlier versions of Arc GIS. This means that when the Data Frame Rotate tool is used, the annotation will not rotate along with the data.

    Solution or Workaround In Arc GIS version 8.3 and later, run a VBA code to modify your annotation so it will rotate when the data frame is rotated.


  • Open a new Arc Map document and add the Geodatabase annotation.
  • From the Tools menu, open the Visual Basic Editor in Arc Map and copy/paste the following code: enable_rotate_annot.vb
  • ESRI:22910

    Adapted from ESRI Knowledge Base articles. The "Problem 2" description and VB code has been edited down.



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