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    the KML Home Companion

    KML Home Companion 3.0.4 11/23/05 Converts ArcMap layers into Google Earth KML files Jim Cser, Offered freely to the community, but use at your own risk

    This is an ArcMap extension designed to create KML format text files for use in Google Earth. I tried to create the simplest program that would do the job, so there is only a minimum of error checking or fancy features. Please feel free to modify the code, report bugs, or to make suggestions for future releases.



    Export to KML - "Export to KML is an extension developed for ArcGIS 9.x by the City of Portland, Bureau of Planning. The extension allows ArcGIS users to export GIS data in “keyhole markup language” (KML) format for viewing in the free Google Earth data viewer." (by way of )


    Robo Geo - Windows software that georeferences digital images, allowing you to permanently embed latitude, longitude and altitude information within the image; has export to Google Earth/Maps feature



    KMLer is the ArcGIS 9 extension for professional work with Google Earth.


    • Export to KML. Convert vector layers into Google Earth *.kml or *.kmz files.
    • Import from KML. Convert data from Google Earth vector files to ArcMap layers. Supports multiply import of *.kml and *.kmz files to *.shp files or geodatabase.
    • Export screen. Saves current screen of ArcMap data view as overlay with coordinates. Opens overlay in Google Earth.
    • Import screen. Imports current Google Earth screen shots as grayscale raster. The envelope of a new raster is stored to current ArcMap project as graphics.
    • Set view in GE. FREE Zooms Google Earth to current ArcMap view.
    • Get view from GE. FREE Zooms ArcMap to current Google Earth view.
    • Get points from terrain. Creates vector grid of 3d points from current view of Google Earth. Z values calculates from terrain data of current view.


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