• Matching Legend to Transparency colours
  • Moving graphics from page frame to data frame
  • Annotation Woes

    Matching Legend to Transparency colours

    Like everyone else, you just love ArcMap's ability to set the transparency level of any given theme for slick multilayered effects. However this gives rise to a cartographic nightmare: how on earth do you make the legend symbols match what is actually drawn on the map?

    Go read How To Set ArcMap's legend shade to match transparency (login as CypherPunks if need be). In a nutshell the process is to use an eyedropper to tool to grab the actual drawn color values, after transparencies and blending have been applied, and then set the legend to match.

    While ESRI's eyedropper tool does work, I recommend using the excellent Color Pic instead. A nifty 150k app with absolutely no documentation and no menu items -- because it just doesn't need it.

    Note: this trick only works if you use the 'Windows Printer' driver. Arcpress and Postscript don't match what you see on screen. (File > Page Setup > Printer Engine)


    Moving graphics from page frame to data frame

    So, you have inadvertantly fallen afoul, again, of creating graphics in the page frame instead of the data frame. However when you attempt to rectify the situation by copy and pasting the truant elements to the data frame they are nowhere to be seen. The Edit menu says you may Undo Paste Elements so something happened, but what?

    Fear not distraught ESRI Usability Guinea Pig, there is a solution:

    1. select an element in the data frame that is approximately in the desired position
      1. r-click > properties and write down the X,Y coordinates (making sure that Offset Distance is not checked)
    2. Select all truant page space graphics
      1. copy
      2. delete (because the ESRI dieties have decreed thou shalt not cut)
    3. switch to data frame edit mode
      1. paste (you won't see anything, but don't worry)
      2. r-click > group
    4. r-click > Properties and fill in the X,Y coords you collected earlier
      1. slap Apply and you should be off to the races.



    Annotation Woes


    Stacked annotation stored in a geodatabase feature class does not stack. The text appears on one line, and block characters appear where the next line should start.
    Text annotation in ArcMap is not rotating when the Rotate Data Frame Tool is used. This can happen with both Geodatabase annotation and with
    annotation stored in the map.

    solutions for both in AnnotationWoes





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