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    Note: you don't need to do all that for this site, just use the guest account. :)


    The old way:

    when ever you encounter such a site, login with the username and password of cypherpunks. Chances are you will be let in without further ado.

    If the password is rejected (some sites do not allow user & pass to match), try the alternates of secret, writecode, or punkcypher.

    If none of those work, use the ever prevalent "I forgot my password" facility and send the secret word to Wait a while (how long depends on how fast their mailserver is) and then head on over to to collect your key (no login required).

    And that's all there is to it.

    If you encounter a site which does not have cypherpunks registered yet, make it so! smile

    One of the gmail accounts is, password writecode, alternate email for this account is



    More information:

    "The people in this room [Cypherpunks] hope for a world where an individual's informational footprints -- everything from an opinion on abortion to the medical record of an actual abortion -- can be traced only if the individual involved chooses to reveal them; a world where coherent messages shoot around the globe by network and microwave, but intruders and feds trying to pluck them out of the vapor find only gibberish; a world where the tools of prying are transformed into the instruments of privacy." -- Wired Magazine, May/Jun 1993







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