{A} the Humpty Dumpty method

    • Start an Edit session, select the lines,
    • choose the Divide command from the Edit submenu. This splits it into a gazillion seperate features.
    • Project, then
    • use Dissovle from Data Management Toolbox.
    (from ESRI-L)


    {B} the Leet C0d3r method, for ArcMap

    • Open attribute table for the feature class
    • Run Field calculator on [shape] field, using code from this thread (you will need to do some mathmagic to change from percentages to map units in the code)

    {C} the Leet C0d3r method, for ArcView3

    As above, but much simpler (from the ArcGIS ">same thread):

    • edit the [Shape] field, and
    • calculate [Shape].AsPolyline.ReturnDensified(30) where where '30' is a desired density of 30 map units.

    There is a feature request at least far back as 2002 to optionally allow Project Management to densify before projecting, see geographic 2 projected (curvey line).

    {D} ogr2ogr -segmentize

    I asked the gdal-dev mailing list if ogr had a similar function, and within hours ogr2ogr -segmentize came into being, with r14881 -- thank you Even Roualt! There is also by Howard Butler which only works on LINESTRINGs at the moment and isn't as cool as Even's solution. It does have a few fancier options about what to do with the slop if you want exactly regular intervals though.





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