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    Problem: Exporting ArcMap layout to PDF may cause text not to display or embed correctly.

    Tip: I discovered this morning while exporting a map doc to a pdf the text would not display at all. In acrobat a message would pop up telling me something like 'VINVL+Arial' font could not be embedded or something like that. But, after removing the outline from around the box the text is in, it exports all the text as expected.

    What I did was add some text to the layout, right click it, Properties, Change Symbol, Properties, Advanced Text tab, check Text Background, click Properties, click Symbol..., set outline width to 0(zero). Click Ok until you get out all that mess of dialogs. Then export was successful. (Clear as crude oil ;~( !!!)

    Hope this helps somebody,

    Jake Krall
    City of Waco,Tx
    John 4:14

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    -- MattWilkie - 07 Oct 2005





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