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    I discovered there is a small but strong community of people who have reverse engineered the map format and built relatively user friendly tools to upload custom maps. 



    • http://pfranc.com/ Custom cables and external battery packs for your garmin; Buy them here or download the plans to make your own.




    • http://homepages.tesco.net/~Keith.Sheppard/MapMan.htm - a friendly front end for cGPSMapper and *SendMap, with these additional products you can use MapMan? to create home-made digital maps which can then be uploaded to a GPS device which supports mapping (you might also be pleased to hear, if you are one of those who has battled with the user interface for cGPSMapper and SendMap? , that MapMan? calls these applications for you so never again do you need to worry about getting the parameters right).


    • http://mapwel.com/ - "Creation of map for GPS involves drawing of map, conversion of data into GPS native format and upload of data into GPS. Mapwel is the only available software that allows user to do above three steps with a single software tool." ((not yet tested))
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