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    I neglected to say that the downstream users need to be able to edit the map and so recieved a couple of suggestions that Export to PDF works handily and doesn't need any extra software or licensing.

    As usual, there were plenty of answers, and not a few people pleading for the results as they have a similar problem to solve. On with the answers:

    Eric O'Neal said this goal can be accomplished with ArcObjects? and offerd help if more specifics could be provided. Presumably his services can be contracted if the offerings below don't suit your needs:

    Phil Chidlaw suggested NGIS Project Copier MXD For ArcGIS. There are versions for both AV3 and v8.3+. There is no note on the web page as to whether it has been updated for v9.x. A trial version is available; you supply an email address to get the download link. It costs $420us for a single seat with coporate and educational site licenses for larger organisations.

    Andy Hayden suggested Geo Select from an outfit in Russia which "does exactly what you're looking for (although I've run in to issues using it with large rasters)." Geo Select specificly mentions compatibility with v9 and generally looks like it might the more mature and polished application. It costs $90us for a single seat with volume discounts available. Interstingly, for $1290us you can also get the source code. I downloaded the free demo but haven't been able to get it to work and email to their support address has not yet been answered (5 days now). It looks like to activate the app you need to acquire a registration name and key.

    And finally there is ESRI's own answer to this, the ArcPublisher extension which sells for $2500us for a single use license. I had always thought Publisher was for a PDF model of map distribution - you give people a read only map and a free reader application, however on the forums there is a message by Kristin Milton saying "... the 'package data' option. This creates a new pmf document, not an mxd. However, if you check the option to allow access to all objects in the pmf, you can open it with arcmap - and then save it as an mxd. This will move all your data and symbology, but might not take any macros or customisations with it."

    Thanks to william Cozzens, Eric O'neal, Michael Smith, Phil Chidlaw, Ross McDonald, Kristina Smith, Bob Booth, Mark Young, Donovan Powers, Andy Hayden, Reed Sims, Dan Patterson, and Kristin Milton who all took the time to respond.

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    -- MattWilkie - 30 Aug 2005





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