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    Within the Yukon Territorial Government (YTG) and organisations with access to Yukon NTDB datasets, this issue is less relevent. However, for individuals and organisations outside YTG and/or looking for data outside Yukon, keep reading....

    Let's work on the assumption that you have a shapefile, correctly geo-referenced, outlining your study area, or area of interest. To order your basedata, you need to determine the tile(s) that overlap this study area. What would be exceptionally helpful is if the Index Grid for the NTS Map sheets was available to overlay your area. Naturally, this data is next to impossible to find on the Internet so good luck tracking it down. Think you'll find it on the NRCan website? Think again. What about Geobase.ca? Survey says: Wrong. Thankfully, that's why you're here, because I've done this work for you.

    Available here: http://www.pfc.forestry.ca/profiles/wulder/NTS_Manager/index_e.html are the NTS Index Grids for Canada at 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 scales. I hear you now... and you're asking: Sweet Mercy, why are they located on the Canadian Forest Service website of all places? For this, I can only echo your frustration. Nontheless, download them (and don't forget the accompanying Projection .prj files!), unzip, and add them in ArcMap. Query by Location the tiles that overlap your study area, and you're done. Now all that's left is to pick up the phone and call NRCan and sacrifice to them your first-born to get your hands on the data.

    -- EricDeLong - 26 May 2005


    Interesting timing Eric! Just an hour ago I discovered the CTI NTS Grid. It's hidden under related products, titled 'Vector Indexes'. The CFS version has a little more attribute info I think. Note that before you project the indices one should densify the lines, preferably in decimal degrees, so that the curve lines up at more than just the corners.

    -- MattWilkie - 26 May 2005





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