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    1. 1. Spring 2005


    Spring 2005

    A spontaneous event, rarely seen and seldom believed. This edition arose from the mindof Matt Wilkie, half baked and nowhere near as tasty as Olwyn’s baking.


    The May 5th edition of GIS Monitor reports "on the GIS websites maintained by the governments of Canadian provinces and territories, following up on my recent report on the GIS websites maintained by and/or for state governments in the United States." The report is a succinct summary of what data and maps are available for each region and the websites to acquire them through. Our compatriots have some nice stuff available, go check ‘em out.

    If you want to keep track of what weird, wonderful and novel things people are creating with GPS technology you should set a watch on . For example, there’s the fellow who didn’t like the chincy graphics on his unit so he hacked togethera GPS enabled Game Boy Advance. Or if you’re only interested in serious stuff, Alabama has a system using buses and trolleys with audio narration coming online automatically as the vehicles enter specific regions.

    ESRI has put the ArcGIS Desktop v9.1 help file online. Not that anyone around here has v9.1, (it’s been released in the states) but hey, go knock yourself out anyway. Speaking of ESRI news, if you haven’t heard already, ArcGIS Service Pack 3 for v9 has been released.

    Matt has a new distraction, if you care about those kinds of things, delicious bookmarks which are also served up via http://yukongis.caoldsite/LinkNews (which others can add their feeds to if they like).

    There was an ESRI-L mailing list thread about the difficulty of searching through the symbol sets for the just the right one. The end result is a couple of PDF documents which have all the symbols. It still can’t really be printed for a quick reference as there are nearly 900 letter size pages(!), but are still much faster than using the tiny little dialog they give you in ArcMap. Many thanks to Jim Scace, Mike Lent and Matt Taylor for putting this together. Download the PDFs at http://yukongis.caoldsite/SymbolSets

    The online mapping world has suddenly gotten a lot larger, and smaller, with two titan heavyweights joining the fray. Most GISers have taken an ogle at Google Maps by now however in a few weeks we’ll seeGoogle Earth which appears to be a synthesis of Google’s Keyhole, Maps & Local searches. Basically imagine being able to seamlessly zoom from outer space to street level and get driving directions from the airport to your hotel. Not to be outdone, again, by this upstart Microsoft is promising to debut MSN Virtual Earth in late summer or early fall. At this point it’s hard to say exactly what the differences between the two contenders will be, but what we can see from here now is: Google offers 3d flyovers while MSN will have 45 degree photo perspectives of buildings. To see a previews (requires a fast internet connection), go to the Google Factory Tour, select the webcast, start playing, and skip to slide 154, which is near the 4h28m mark. There is also a MSN Virtual Earth Demo however there doesn’t seem to be a way to skip over all the idiot banter at the beginning and the camera guy has balance problems.

    Eric DeLong briefly poked his head above ground to share info on where to find Canadian NTS Grid data when you don’t work for government anymore: NTSGridIndex. Thanks Eric!

    A new BETA release of DNRGarmin 5.0 is available. Some of the functionality highlights include: ArcGIS compatibility (8.x and 9.x); Save to Shapefile\Graphics\Geodatabase Feature Class; Load from Layer\Graphics, Real-Time Tracking; Expanded Help Documentation; A variety of bug fixes and minor enhancements.







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