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    ESRI's bug and feature enhancement lists are not available to customers. This means that everytime we encounter a problem we have to:

    1. search the online help,
    2. search,
    3. ask colleagues,
    4. document the problem, which probably entails building custom data sets and projects,
    5. contact ESRI tech support, get incident number
    6. send docs and sample data back and forth for several iterations,
    7. 6 out of 15 times (40%) discover that this is an existing problem/request which has already been documented by somebody else and that you have been wasting your, and ESRI's, time.

    -- MattWilkie - March 2003


    ESRI Response

    "Bug database available for ESRI internal use only because of confidental company information. Users with an ESRI "global account" can have access to limited bug tracking information at We will not relelase internal, sensitive information on the web." [Chris North]


    Follow up

    By that logic you had better get rid of the user support forums too. People are talking about bugs there all the time. Worse yet a lot of the stuff there are not bugs, they just sound like 'em. If a competitor wants to make ESRI look bad all they have to do is point prospective clients to the forums and say "Look at all the problems their users are having. See how many questions are never even answered, let alone resolved."

    The support forums and mailing lists are a fantastic resource. I'm really glad they are all accessible from a single search form. It makes our lives much easier. It's just that it could be so much more useful.

    -- MattWilkie - 21 May 2003

    Four years later ESRI has softened their stance somewhat and bugs are online, ESRI:33917. Yay! This is a pretty big step forward for ESRI, but don't expect too much from it. One can't browse the bug list, only conduct searches and have bugs show up in the results. You still need to contact ESRI technical support to get the actual details about the bug, workarounds if there are any, and scheduled fix if any. Also, enhancement requests are excluded.

    -- MattWilkie - 2008-02-08





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