UPDATE: as of fall 2004 the best place to get all of Frank Warmerdam's tools (OpenEV, GDAL/OGR, PROJ4, OGDI) now in a single easily installable package(!), is FWTools


  • Official website:
  • OpenEV + gdal:


    Unpack to c:\local (or whatever) with paths. Create a shortcut in your favourite program launching area to c:\local\openev_fw\openev.bat.



    Enabling gdal commandline utilities

    Edit c:\local\openev_fw\setfw.bat, changing the line containing OPENEV_FW_DIR as required. Copy setfw.bat to a directory in $PATH. Run setfw whenever you are about to embark on a commandline session. The most used commands are:


    gdalinfo get and report information about X image
    gdal_translate convert image X to format Y
    gdalwarp project image X to projection Z
    See for help on commandline options and for supported formats and their respective options (like compression level). (Also installed in c:\local\openev_fw\html )

    If you are forever getting confused about whether or not to underscore, rename (or copy) gdal_translate.exe to gdaltranslate.exe and forget about it.




    3D View Tricks

    For extremely large images:


  • open the drape image on it's own (File > Open).
  • open the drape image and DEM together (File > Open 3D).
  • In the Layers pallette the uppermost layer is the one most recently opened, in this case the 3d view. Toggle the 3d layer off.
  • Navigate to approximately where you want your camera. Don't get too close to the ground though because the image is currently displayed at sea level.
  • Toggle the 3d layer back on, and voila!




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