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    Nutshell summary: for anything larger than 1 degree square 1) convert image to grid (or stack for multi-band), 2) project, 3) convert back to image.


    Can on-the-fly projection of a raster be avoided by physically reprojecting the data into a different coordinate system? Yes, physically projecting the data to a coordinate system of the data frame will cause the on-the-fly projection of the raster to be avoided. However, the method used to project the raster must be chosen wisely. A single polynomial warp, as oppos...

    Is it possible to project MRSID or JPEG images in ArcGIS? Yes, it is possible to project MrSID? and JPEG images in ArcGIS. However, these images are special cases of rasters. While it is possible to convert these rasters to another format and project it, returning these rasters to the original format woul...

    Project raster datasets in ArcGIS with a sample executable Projecting raster datasets in ArcGIS can be achieved through two methods: IRasterGeometryProc::ProjectFast or IRasterProps::SpatialReference. Both methods are based on a single polynomial transformation with 16 X 16 control points, regardless how ...

    Project images using ArcObjects sample code Images can be projected from one coordinate system to another and saved to one of the three output formats using the following sample script. Note: this script is provided as is and is not supported by ESRI Technical Support.

    Project a multiband image with ArcGIS and Spatial Analyst Contained in this document are the steps necessary to reproject multiband images with ArcGIS 8.1.2 and Spatial Analyst; an ArcInfo license is required.

    Project a pseudocolor raster using ArcGIS and ArcInfo Projecting a pseudocolor raster from one coordinate system to another can be done using the following steps.





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