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    Printers Plus

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    My phone call was answered by a real live human in less than a minute. I was transfered to "the one who knows" and put on hold for another minute. The agent who picked up the phone was knowledgeable and spent more time answering my questions than asking his own. Indeed this experience was a good one, not so much of what he did but rather because of what he didn't do. He didn't ask for my name. He didn't want my phone number. He didn't solicit my email address. He just answered my questions in an honest, forthright and complete manner.

    Prior to calling Printers Plus I had spent 30 minutes on the HP website, 10 minutes on the phone to their 1 800 call centre, in the US as it turned out, and a further 15 minutes on hold at the Canadian HP call centre ((905)943-7809). Only to be told that "Oh, you don't really want to be talking to us". On the other hand, they did give me the phone number to Printers Plus. P:)

    Total time with PP? 10 minutes, and I got my questions answered. I wish I'd thought to ask the agent's name.

    -- MattWilkie - 12 Feb 2004





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