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    > cartridges from the DesignJet? plotters? I have a couple sitting here and would
    > feel a little guilty about chucking them into the garbage if I didn’t
    > investigate the possibility of them being recycled.

    Matt at YTG Environment has a pre-paid shipping box from hp sitting here expressly for the purpose of recycling inkjet cartridges and print heads. Get your own by filling out a form at Some models are not returnable. It takes awhile to fill up the box though so if you're in the neighbourhood you can drop them in mine.

    Staples also has a deposit box for recycling ink cartrdiges just inside the the entrance. As far as I know they're not particular about what brand or type.

    Raven Recycling also accepts some ink cartridges. They have a box in the depot for this purpose; for more details, check out the recent Waste Not/Want Not column in the Yukon News, or give them a call at 667-7269.

    EMR Informatics will take cartridges and bulk send them for recycling as well. Just take them to room 345 in the Elijah Smith Building.

    For Epson products, call Purolator at 1-800-387-3027 and give them Epson's Purolator account number # 1-0954659, and mark the waybill "bill to receiver". The package must be sent through ground shipping (no air) and without insurance coverage. The address is:

    Epson Canada
    Recycle Program
    3771 Victoria Park Avenue Unit B
    Toronto, Ontario
    M1W 3Z5





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