Note: to see the area of a graphic polygon by right-clicking on the graphic and select Properties --> Area. You can change between sqft, hectares, sqkm, etc.

    Many thanks to the ESRI-L Mailing List and Support Forums without whom I'd still be itchy without a backscratcher.

    -- MattWilkie - 20 Jan 2006

    Report Area Tool

    Written and tested on ArcMap v9.1. I've no idea if it works for other versions or not. No doubt it's buggy and could be improved. Please feel free to let me know of any problems or submit patches.

    To install:

    1. ArcMap > Tools > Macros > Visual Basic Editor, select Normal.mxt, r-click and import.
    2. ArcMap > Tools > Customize > Commands > Macros select ReportArea.bas and drag to the toolbar of your choice.

    To use, select one or more polygons and press the button.

    There is no warranty or support for this tool, if it kills your computer or screws your data up, I'm really sorry but oh well, c'est la vie.


    Known Bugs:

    • with multiple polys selected, the 'map units' number reported is only for the last polygon (so commented out)


    Known Limitations:

    • "Data Frame Properties > Coordinate System" must be meters or feed based (e.g. won't work with a Geographic Projection)


    Would Be Nice If (WBNIF):

    • if no feature's are selected, changes to selection tool, then reports results
    • automatically copy results to clipboard (or display as selectable text)
    • numbers really should be right aligned and units left
    • ID's or NAMEs of selected polygons in info box might be useful



    2006-Jan-20: mhw
    • initial version (after Chris Roberts)
    • added credits and notes
    • extended reported units to include kilometers, acres,
    • check for and convert from existing map units (thanks to Lon Sharp)

    Download ReportArea.bas : Report Area of selected polygons (ArcMap v9.x)

    Boy, the additions just keep on coming smile

    This time it's from Robert Brundage who supplies two tools that he's downloaded off of arcscripts in the past: CalculateAreas.dll and Draw_Polygon_for Acres_Feet.dll. Using these as keywords for searching the ArcScripts archive yields a plethora of tools I didn't find earlier. It turns out that hardly any developers found the need to "calculate area" enough times to write a tool for it but more than half dozen have for "calculate acres". Go figure.

    As the names suggest, most of these tools only report acres, but using the examples in ReportArea.bas as a guide it should be relatively simple to extend them to be more general purpose. I just knew I couldn't be the only one missing this functionality. smile

    -- MattWilkie - 30 Jan 2006


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