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    Subject: Yet another cool internet mapping site...
    Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 09:59:16 -0700


    As usual not a lot for Yukon, but fairly easy to use….

    Jason Adams Geographic Information Systems, Wildland Fire Management Protective Services Branch, Government of Yukon (867) 456-3905 (tel), (867) 667-3191 (fax)

    Interesting. The interface is initially a put-off, having the standard "I'm a java app" look, but the responsive interactivity is very nice. The images load quickly, faster than google maps, and it automatically switches to the appropriate resolution and imagery source as you zoom in/out. If you turn on a layer that is not visible at your zoom level, the legend tells what zoom you need to go to to see it. It also has something I've never seen in an internet map yet: try zooming to a city (the crosshair icon), turn on the roads and select the Identify tool. As you hover over each line, it hilites and shows you it's name -- no clicks! A nice touch. Double clicking on an image layer automatically turns that one and all others off. The legend boxes are both hidable and detachable. I don't know how they do it, but the on-the-fly projection changes are near instantaneous.

    I'm accustomed to java web apps being as kludgy to use as they look. This one shows that it doesn't have to be that way. Overall I'm quite impressed. I think we should investigate using their viewer for our imagery data: http://gina.alaska.edu/page.xml?group=data&page=submitdata

    The intro page is http://gina.alaska.edu/page.xml?group=data&page=internetmapserver

    Even if we don't use their app or code, the usability features are worth study and emulation.

    -- MattWilkie - 06 Sep 2005





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