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  • Run the Oracle Universal Installer, check the top level check boxes for all products. Make sure entries under the Environment tab are checked too. If you click on the + the sub entries will not be checked, that is okay, they really are.
    • press the Deinstall button and go get a coffee.
  • Reboot
  • Assuming you are also getting rid of all the databases, delete all Oracle directories. ( C:\Progam Files\Oracle, D:\oradata, E:\oradata, etc.)
  • Backup the registry.
  • Remove all Oracle entries from the registry. There will be about 70 or so. Regedit won't be able to delete all of them, so use Regedit32.exe or better yet a 3rd party registry cleaner like BeClean or jv16 Power Tools.
  • These instructions are known to work for versions Oracle 8i - 10g on Windows 2000 and XP.

    -- MattWilkie - 04 Jan 2005





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