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    A compendium of tools which are extremely useful. Note use of the word "extremely". Programs which are 'merely great' can go find another page to get listed. smile (the WatchList for example)


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    ArcGISServicePacks 2008-09-02 - 10:22 - NEW MattWilkie
    We maintain a local mirror of service packs for ArcGIS at ServicePack It is not always up to date and usually only inlcudes ...  
    SpatialEcologyAnalysisTools 2006-04-05 - 08:32 - NEW EricDeLong
    Hawth's Analysis Tools From the website: " Spatial ecology is the study of the interrelationship between organisms and their environment, with ...  
    FWTools 2006-02-17 - 11:25 - r7 MattWilkie
    FWTools Open Source GIS Binary Kit for Windows and Linux from the website: FWTools is a set of Open Source GIS binaries for ...  
    InfoLib 2006-02-13 - 08:52 - r2 MattWilkie
    INFOLIB , also known as dbf2info set of utilities for translating data between dBASE dbf, ASCII, and ARC/INFO formats. Most of the programs run either as ARC commands ...  
    CygWin 2005-03-21 - 15:10 - NEW MattWilkie
    What Is Cygwin? Cygwin is a Linux like environment for Windows. It consists of two parts: A DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a Linux API emulation layer providing substantial ...  
    VirtualTerrainProject 2005-03-21 - 14:13 - r2 MattWilkie
    Bar none, the best place to start your research of 3D Modelling in relation to geography is the Virtual Terrain Project . "The goal of VTP is to foster the creation ...  
    OpenEV 2005-03-21 - 13:58 - r4 MattWilkie
    OpenEV is a library, and reference application for viewing and analysing raster and vector geospatial data. OpenEV from Atlantis Scientific is the viewer and background ...  






    For getting at and manipulating the metadata of geotiff files there are listgeo, for listing an image's projection info, and geotifcp which allows you to add projection info to a tiff image. Get them both at

    I could have sworn a couple of weeks ago a message went around saying some one had built a plugin for Photoshop which saved geotiff georeferencing info. However I can't find the message and google doesn't know about it. Do you? Google:photoshop+geotiff+plugin .



    System Tuning

    Ever wanted to know what all the services are and if you really need the turned on or not? Go read and turn off the ones you don't use. You can speed up your system and free a few decads of RAM to boot. - an industrial strength power tool for getting at all those hidden registry settings.






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