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    Quantum GIS - primarily unix based but as of Oct 2004 there is now a Windows port. This is the first open source GIS I've seen that is user friendly for windows people. It's still in the early stages, there is no native projection support yet for instance, but I'm very impressed in spite of that. License is GPL. -- MW

    PostGIS - ArcMap Connector Project - Develop, test and implement an Open Source solution for ESRI's ArcMap (part of ArcView/ArcInfo version 8.x) that allows it to interact with data from the Open Source PostGIS? spatial database (an extension of the PostgreSQL? database).

    PostgreSQL OLE DB Provider project - OLE DB Provider for PostgreSQL? would give chance to use good GUI integration with VS . NET for PostgreSQL? .


    Free Open Source Software GIS Suite - no products in particular, at this time. "...[to be] a suite of interoperable GIS related packages, not just a collection of GIS related applications" It's of interest because it's a wiki and Frank Warmerdam and Daniel Morrisette (of GDAL and DM Solutions fame respectively) seem to be involved. - "Creation of map for GPS involves drawing of map, conversion of data into GPS native format and upload of data into GPS. Mapwel is the only available software that allows user to do above three steps with a single software tool." ((not yet tested))



    Xplanet - peridiocally update your wallpaper with different views of the earth and planets. Can be combined with satellite images to provide near real time (every 3 hours) images. Runs on unix and windows.





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